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Jill Blair

My car's dashboard has a matt finish, but all the products leave it gloss. What can I use? Kind Regards Jill Model: Hyundi Coupe

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A.J. Smith

Hi, Would it be possible to have the Supaguard fabric and stain protection on my car? I like to wax my own car so don't need the paint protection stuff, but the seats look stained. Can you give me a price? ...

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Laura Warren

Hi This morning I scraped the edge of my front plastic wheel trim on a high curb. I know how much Porsche accessories cost so wondered whether there is there any thing I can do to polish out the scrape? Many ...

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felipe saffie

hello i'm from chile i need a contact for your products bye Model: automtive high cars

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My car is an ex police car, so its white in colour. However looking at the car yyou can see different shades of white some darker than others. Is there any process you could do, like the heavey compound ...

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Rhonda Omari

Croydon Hi There my car smells of dog and i would love this smell to be removed! do you come out or do i have to come to you How much does this cost please Model: Audi A3 2L

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Alex Knight

I appear to have a rather long-lasting smell that is hanging around in my car. I believe that the cause may be that a window was left open and some rainwater soaked in to the back seat, as there seems ...

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Mr B Ford

can you remove rainex from screen Model: Fiesta

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Karthipan Gnanasooriyar

I would like to give my car in for fix my cigarette burns and for give it a gold wash, so i can get rid of my stains on my carpet in the car.. How to do.. Who shall i phone?? Model: Mercedes CLK 230 ...

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Yolanda Brooks-Lewis

I am in need of getting the interior of my car valeted and steam cleaned, just wanted to know I know that you are based in Chelmsford however I live in Chatteris Cambridgeshire and therefore didn't know ...

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