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Hi I drive a volkswagen beetle and it has a very bad wet dog smell. This occurs after it rains but I have checked the boot and aroud the car and cant find no leaks. Please help, its discusting ! THANKYOU Model: ...

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Sally A. Lindner

My car got dented in a parking lot. I got the dent fiexed and then they had to repaint the back door. How do I get rid of that paint smell? Is it from the paint or what they said is clear coat? I ...

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hi, i have bought a used car that smells a little of smoke. can you please advise on how long and perhaps more importantly how much it would cost to get rid of it once and for all? many thanks chris Model: ...

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Alan Rose

Hi had this car a while now cant smell anything significant but whatever it is it burns the back of my nose when driving and i get flu like symptoms any suggestions i live in county Durham Model: CITROEN ...

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simon downham

Spilt shed preserver in car on way to the tip. Stinks of kerosene- like smell Any tips on getting rid of smell Based in Hammersmith West London Model: VW Touran TDI Sport

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Hamish Mcnaughton

Just bought my car, its in great nick, but the previous owner must have smoked. How can i get rid of the smell & make it fresh again Model: Golf gti

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Hi. My car was treated with Biobrisk on all the upholstery but I dont think it was extracted properly and has left quite a dull chemical smell in the car. Can you extract this smell from the upholstery ...

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Peter Reeves

Car less than 3 years old which I bought a year ago. Previous owner obviously a heavy smoker - how do I get rid of all the smells, please? Model: Ford Fiesta

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Shelby Reason

My wife had a gallon of milk burst in our car. I watched your video on YouTube and removed as much of the milk as possible with my wetvac. I live in the USA. Can you recommend a manufacturer of bioactive ...

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