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Kate Williams

Hello again New Again You guys did the respray of my then Toyota MR2, back in 2013. I now have a much larger car (2+2 - woo!) cabriolet but which has varying levels of issues. The below is a Google ...

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Kevin Beall

Hi, I came in a few days ago enquiring about having a replacement set of vinyl door cards re coloured to match my current ones. My existing ones have "blown" and cannot be repaired but I have found a ...

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derek chilton

i am trying to find a company that dose waxoyol underbody treatment in the essex area i have tried ultimate they are usless many thanks Del Model: renault campervan

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Helder Lemos

Wanted to find if it's possible to clean and restore this hood & front seats as best as possible Not exactly quite sure what it has make it look like this way, so want to have an idea if it's possible ...

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Justin Brown

Hi Team, Just looking for a full vehicle run over. Light scratches on pretty much all the panels and also paint fade on certain parts which I would like corrected. What sort of finish will I be able ...

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Philip Ng

Location of car is in Palmers Green, Enfield, London Seek quote for repair to the following; 1. 1x chip on front bonnet 2. 2 x chips on side panel 3. scratch on back bumper - size of a boy;s palm 4. ...

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Jon Roberts

Hello My steering wheel is half wood which I don't like. would be able to wrap it in just a standard black leather without me taking the steering wheel out.? Regards Jon I live in watford but don't ...

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Hi, Could you please provide a quote for the list to be repaired: 1. Front Driver's side alloy wheel peeling and slightly curbed. 2. Minor Door rust of both driver's and front passenger side doors. 3. ...

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Nick Linney

Hi My enquiry is about the best way to resolve a number of issues with my car and the best way / most cost effective way of going about it. 1) My convertible roof could do with cleaning / protecting. ...

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Matthew Clements

Please can you take a look at the following 3 photos: 1 x dent on the passenger door 1 x flaking paint on an alloy wheel 1 x example of kerbing / scuffing - all 4 wheels need doing but only 1 has ...

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