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Darren Elwell

Hi, I have just bought this car and would like to give it a tidy up and sort out some cosmetic issues. I have some bumper scuffs with a crack on one side and also a few stone chips. Can someone give ...

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Alfie Palmer

I have a 2012 fortwo smart car in black and the near side passengers door has been keyed I think it's going to need wet sanding down and then reprinting how much would this cost? Thanks Model: Smart ...

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Andrew Todd

Hi The trim is sun damaged as in picture Is there anything I can do to restore this? stain maybe many thanks Andrew Wimbledon UK Model: Mercedes e350 estate 2010

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Martin Szegeny

Hi mate, I booked appointment with my car fro Saturday at 09:15 in the morning. I need to repair my windscreen (only one star (ø 1cm) is on the windscreen). Please, can you repair this together with ...

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Robert Wiseman

Respray to NSF door as per photo Car is currently SS9 Eastwood Essex I dont see any depth to damage and believe it to be surface only Car it currently off road and I wont own until 1/3/15 so work ...

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S Jagsi

I want all interior refurbished Model: Bentley continentsl

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David Taylor

Hi I have maserati gransport that i am looking to sell it has some stone chips and swirl marks in the top coat few dents to be removed by PDR and wing mirrors that need to be painted. Can you help ...

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Brian McDonald

I am getting one headlight replaced after an accident and need the other polished to match the new one. also maybe a valet I live in Howe Green but work in Chelmsford I can bring the car to you or ...

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Can you give me a price the revamp the inside of my car? Model: Lexus rx400h

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