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scott cheyney

Would you be able to give me an estimate to repair a small dent in my offside rear wing (can be accessed easily on from inside luggage compartment if broken paint ) and also the scratched ...

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Steve Duffy

Hi, Steve from Broxbourne in Hertfordshire. Have attached two pictures: 1. Showing a scuff I have on the rear passenger side quarter, this goes as far right and up as the middle of the arch (see ...

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Joao Lecour

Hi, My car is going to be four years at the end of this month and would like to correct some of the mishaps of the last few years (most of them weren't even caused by me). Fortunately, most of them ...

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alison holden

i have a number of issues with my car that i'd like to get quotes for please. i have a number of scratches and minor cracks - this is mainly on the front bumber ( thanks to somebody reversing in to me ...

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Eugen Stoica

I want to know .how much is it . i live London Model: Honda accord salon 2005 black

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Toren Hirshfield

Hi I would like a quote for some work on my S2000. It needs the following / has the following damage: - 4 x Wheel refurbs. No kerbing damage but original paint / powder has worn and alloy is corroded. ...

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S Gilbert

This is my private car, Has a couple of blemishes , bonnet , boot , bumper scuff and wing , Thanks very much for a idea on cost Model: Mercedes e class

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I have 3 minor cosmetic issues which I would like to resolve. 1) I have Jaguar BBS split rim 18" sports wheels (I have seen examples of these on your site) which are flaking and I have minor scratches ...

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Terry Cox

Have damage to two seats and carpet from cigarettes plus slight damage to alloy wheels and avery small dent on the bonnet(no paint fracture) I live 4 miles from Leighton Buzzard in Beds Model: Mondeo ...

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An overall estimate for these repairs please. 4 Alloy wheels scuffed very much similar to the picture and two (not deep) bumper scuffs, Would it also be some possible to repair general digs in the ...

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