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Kamran Anwar

Hi I was wondering if it is possible to repair a dash which has been damaged by passenger airbag deployment. The airbag has been deployed through a flap in the dash. The Flap can be put back but there ...

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Micha Wells

I need a burn on my drivers seat repairing as I am selling my car. Could you please have a look at the photos attached and provide me with a quote? I am based in London N4. Thanks very much, I ...

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Robert Panteli

hi i have a cigarette burn inbetween my 2 rear seats and i was just wondering if this would be able to get fixed and how much this would cost..? i am currently living in the upminster area. i have also ...

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mitch snares

Hello, I live in stevenage SG1 4SD. there has been people smoking in my car. there are a few burns that if possible be repaired. Both driver and passenger seats need doing. The passenger is the worst ...

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Tony Bissett

Can the damage to the door trim be repaired. I work in Rochester Kent Model: Renault megane 1.9 Dci Fap 2007

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Justin Fox

Hi My car seat appears to be a little loose, I notice it when I accelerate it leans back slightly, I think it's just the base but it may be the back rest too I'm not sure, I've had a look and there ...

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Steven Saviille

I have recently bought a 2001 Mercedes SLK that has a couple of issues I would like fixed. One is a hole in the seat leather and the other is an odd problem with the carpet by the drivers feet (see attached ...

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Jim Kendall

Based in a very wet North Devon I am replacing the interior carpet as I do up my old prodject car.- Alot of the carpet is glued to the floor and sides of the interior, although the carpet is easily ...

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Dan Spacagna

I have attached a few photos. The rear car seat has been slashed accidentally with a knife. The cut is not right the way through the material. Can you please give me an estimate to repair this? Many ...

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Ian Withycombe

The o/s/r door card has a small tear/hole in the fabric about 12mm long x 10mm wide. Can you advise if it is possible to repair and approximately how much it would cost. Thanks I live near Eastbourne. Model: ...

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