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Harjot Chatha

Hi, I'm in Coventry I have a cigarette burn on the back seat of my car. Its sort of the crease of the seat. Hopefully the pictures will give you a better idea. Model: Audi A3

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David Hughes

The headlining is falling down over the front seat area. Having started in 1 spot it is now spreading across the ceiling, held up only by the fittings and trim. I live in Bahrain and presumably the heat ...

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Kevin Anderson

Side passengers airbag has blown out. Can you repair the seat cover (i.e. stitch it up again) once i have the airbag replaced? Do i have to take the seat cover off and post it to you?? Model: Renault ...

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Paul Wallis

Is it possible to reapir these 2 cigarette burns. I have included 2 photos of each burn. The upholstery is black. I live in Rochford, Essex Model: Honda Civic iVtec 2006

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Mandie Barnes

Hi, apologises I didn't attach any photo's to my previous email to you. Please find attached. Many thanks Model: Clio 1.4 Billabong - 2003

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Jessica Simpson

I have recently brought a second hand car in the Ealing area. The car's front seat is ripped and needs repairing. How much will this cost? Model: Toyota Yaris 2003

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praveen Benjamin Piarejee

I am based at Dubai . and we are supplying tires to Taxi department in Bulk Qty .Now we like to extend additional service value additional business can you please let us know . How best we can give upholster ...

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Alan Richards

Hi, I live in Potters Bar, Herts. The foam backed headlining, on my Audi, is deteriorating and coming away from he roof. Do you replace headlings. Please give me an estimate for removing old ...

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George Snedden

Can you please advise me on the best way to fix these cigarette burns in my car seats? Photo SDC11327 is located on the back section of the seat and photo SDC11334 is located on the bottom section of ...

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Andy Keen

Cost and possibility of repairing a cigarette burn on rear passenger seat. Photo attached. Also what time scales would be involved, time to repair and what date would you be available. Location Watford ...

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