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i had a small hole in my leather seat how can i fix it Model: benz

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Jane welch

I am hoping that you can help me, on my driver seat where you get in, the material has worn down to the foam and needs to be repaired. I am trying to locate an upholstery repairer in the Bristol area, ...

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Aaron Henriques

I have a water stain on my front passenger seat that I want removed. I see you can do this... but can it be done as part of a valet? I may as well just get the whole car done. The car has black paintwork ...

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nicola acrew

The back of the front passenger seat is ripped wear my daughter puts things in the pocket and swings her legs against the back of the seat, im desperate to get this fixed can you help please. Model: ...

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Nicholas O Donovan

I'l looking for a quote to repair the driver seat, please see phot attached. I'm based in Reading Model: BMW 318 Sports Convertible

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stephen draper

how much would it cost to repair a 25mm rip in drivers seat Model: vauxhall vectra

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Phillippa grange

in the middle bit off theback seat there is a tiny tiny tiny whole which came from a cigarette and its not my car its my partners car, i was wondering how he could fix it without loosin any value off ...

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paul rainer

i have a rip to the inside roof cloth. approx 30mm long Model: bmw520d

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mark simmonds

what is the best way or product to fix burn holes in cloth car seats Model:

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mike rogers

I have a rip in the roof lining can this be repaired? I live in Harrogate Model: saab 93 sportswagon

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