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Henry Banna

Drivers seat ,large chunk of foam and material have been shewed out ,when i bought the van it was there. Model: vauxhall vivaro van

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driver side seat airbag deployed. needs restitching. West london (feltham) or east london (west thurrock) that can come stitch Model: 2007 vw polo 1.4 3door

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Hi, I was wondering how much you would charge to repair the drivers seat bolster on a Peugeot 106 Rallye. Thanks Henry, Hertfordshire Model: Peugeot 106 Rallye

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Hi, I recently asked you how much it would cost to repair the bolster on a Peugeot 106 Rallye drivers seat, I have now purchased the seats and it looks like the foam will need replacing back and base ...

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i am extremely irritated by my car roof cloth collapsing on my head.i take very good care of my car and i want to fix this problem.i would like to know what glue would work the best to put my car ceiling ...

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Colette Doherty

I have 2 x 3inch tears on the seam on the back passenger seat, the material is cloth. Please can you give me a estimated quote, I am unable to get pictures for the next couple of days. I am in Ealing ...

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Tony Garner

The roof lining inside my car gas is adrift , can you advise a solution. I am in Southend, essex Model: Jaguar XK8

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Giles Norrington

I am trader in Colchester, I have just taken in a 98 Boxster and the stitching around the rear screen has come undone, so the rear screen needs re-stitching. Model: Porsche Boxster

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Bill Whitehair

The interior ceiling fabric has come away from the roof so inside looks like a beduin tent! Any solution for refixing it? Thanks. Model: jaguar xj6 4.2 sport 1997

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about how much should it cost me to replace the head lining on my vehicle if I where to take it to a interior repair shop? Tulsa, OK Model: 1999 saturn sc1 coupe

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