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Nick Frankel

I would like to find out how much it would cost to refurbish the front seats of my car and to clean the door panels, and how long the process would take Model: BMW 328i

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Marin Upton

My drivers seat has vinyl panels atthe sides. One side has arip in it, not one clean cut but a series of small rips, like a drag effect, about 4 inches long. I am in Warrington in Cheshire Thanks, Model: ...

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I have two tears on the drivers seat - on on the actual sitting part of the seat in the fabricand the other at the top back on the edge by the drivers head in the plastic. Can you repair them? Model: ...

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hi could you give me a quote to remove super glue from the fabric seat its the size of 10p. Model: mini clubman

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paul scanlon

I am restoring a 1975 Kawasaki which has a small hole in the back of the seat cover which is made of black vinyl.I can remove the cover and post it to you if you think you can do a repair on it.Thanks ...

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Mark kinchin

Can you repair the damage to the drivers seat of my car?. If so what will the cost be? Please see attached photo. I live in Brentwood Essex Model: seat ibiza reference 56 plate

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Alan King

Worthing, West Sussex The fabric of the headlining in my 15 year old Golf has started to come unstuck and is slowly peeling away. Can it be re-adhered? Model: VW Golf Mk III

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Reginald john shapland

Hi there Ipswich here I have a Granada gxl the roof has seen its best days i would like to strip it and weld up a couple of rust spots, if i strip what preparation do i need to do so that i can have ...

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I would like my car seats re upolstering at the min they are cloth and want them replacing in leather, roughly how much would it cost, and if u dont do it do u no somewhere that does??? Model: Mercedes ...

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Nadir Hemnani

Cigarette burned a hole in the passenger seat. i am located in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire Model: Renault Clio 2005

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