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Hi New Again I have just bought a 'time warp' CLK which has an excellent/new perfect cloth interior, however the Driver seat is very uncomfortable. Feels as If there is no padding in the bump section ...

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Nicole Webley

Hi There, I have a cigarette burn on my drivers side seat. I have a red and black interior including the seats. How much would it be for a repair and how long will it take? Thanks, Nicole Model: ...

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Andrew Harrison

Please supply cost of Headlining supply and fit on my XJ6 ? Model: Jaguar XJ6 4-door Executive 1997

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Libby Holden

Hello, I've got a cigarette burn in the passenger seat of my Nissan Juke 2012 - cloth seat. Please can you tell me how much roughly it will be to repair it as i want to sell the car soon. I am Brentwood ...

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Patrick Hobbs

Hello, Front carpet (drivers side). Carpet and underlay has worn away leaving an approximate 2 - 3 inch tear. I would like to know what would be a reasonable cost to repair this type of damage. Thank ...

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Chris Parker

Hi I'm restoring this car to a usable state ,not concourse but as original as possible. The pvc cover on the door cards are worn particularly around the bottom edge where previous owners have attempted ...

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Pip on behalf of Derrick Wells

Hi, Wondering if you would be able to help us with this tear in the drivers footwell. The car is in excellent condition apart from this tear, so we are looking for someone to make it go away! Enclosed ...

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Richard Sargeant

Hi there, Please find attached pictures of a VW leather/vinyl seat that needs repairing. I look forward to receiving your quote. Many thanks, Richard Sargeant. Chelmsford, Essex. Model: ...

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Clifford Hill

Can you undertake a repair to my drivers seat (cigarett burn), pictuers supplied, if you can, can u quote a price, and could you do it at my address or would I need to come to you. I am in Basildon. Brgds Model: ...

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leo otero

Good Afternoon, I have stumbled across you website on the internet and was wondering if you offered services that would repair cigarette burns in my headliner. I have attached pictures to give you ...

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