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David Cooper

please find picture attached of the roof of my car. i appreciate it needs a good clean, but before I book it in for this to be done and reproofed I wondered if you could let me know whether it is possible ...

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Garage cleaned my car after service with high pressure washer and my soft top now has visible lines on it where jet was used. It is not leaking or anything but looks bad. I'm in Glasgow. What ...

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wayne ebner

hi there, i am concerned about the bmw convertible roof that i am buying next week, the car is a lovely car, it has a blue roof but has moss stains on the roof as in photo, should i be worid? can i get ...

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Please can you advise how much of this line and clear the plastic you can get rid of? I am based in Witham and would be looking to book something in for next Friday late afternoon or Saturday. Model: ...

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Raymond Steer

Hi, I have been experiencing water leakage into the boot, I cleaned and impregnated the soft top with BMW products, over the next couple of weeks there was no leaks even in downpours but it started to ...

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Giles Whattam

Hi i am based in Norwich and trying to find out if my roof can be repaired, it is not torn, just scuffed and plucked a little. i would not expect an invisible repair but wondered if it could be improved. ...

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Helena Rees

I have got mould and lichen (like white spots) on the roof of the car. I have scrubbed it with soap and water and jet cleaned it when that didn't help I used some stuff called Auto Glym but it still ...

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Alex Linsell-Clark

Can you quote me to put a new rear screen in my TVR S. I have bought one but the rear screen has come unstiched. Where would I have to bring the car? All the best, Alex P.S. Photo is not my car just ...

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dean jackson

hi, the roof on my 944 is in a great condition other than the colour, can you change it from red to black,, thanks swanley , kent Model: porsche 944 cab

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Cost of replacement rear plastic window, some one put some thing sharp through my rear window. Kind regards Adam brighton Model: Smart Cabrio 2001

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