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Hi My canvas top is Tan color. It as wear marks and also as three stains about the size of a quarter. I just bought the car so I'm not sure what the stains are but I suspect bird droppings. Someone ...

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phil sagar

Hi guys, after viewing your site i have used renovo products to revive my blue roof on the megane, it wasnt too bad but wanted it to look like new again, so i used the cleaner then reviver and sealer, ...

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Linda Morrison

My hood has siezed up at one side. The first thing to happen was it would stop and only allow it to open to the sunroof. Then it will now only open at one side, I have seen it is a common fault with minis ...

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aiden dohey

I was looking to buy vinyl to replace it on my car .I got a leak under the existing one.Any information would be greatly appricated.I live in Newfoundland, Canada. Model: 1980 chrysler cordoba

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Andrew Levison

I have a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder that I imported from the USA in 2000. I need a reconditioned canvas roof. I live in London Please can you advise? many thanks Andrew Levison Model: ...

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kevin nichols

How do I remove green mold from my softop Model: bmw z3

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Carlos M

I took my car today for a car wash and the guys went through the roof with the water pressure and unfortunately the stitches around the rear window started to come off and I would like to know if you ...

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Andrew Smith

How much would it cost to? a) Crean & re-proof the convertible roof b) clean the interior leather seats/trim? I attach some photos of the car to give you an idea. How long would you need the ...

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The roof on my 93 conv has some worn out areas on the piping. Any ideas how or where I could get this fixed? Cheers Model: SAAB 9-3

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Kevin smith

I have used the renovo colour restorer it has now gone patchy. You can scratch it off with a finger nail it comes of in black dust. I have scrubbed it with a nail brush with the renovo cleaner and used ...

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