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Jason Lee

The car is seventeen(17) years old and i dont kow if its the original roof, it has not rips or holes. Recently i have noticed that a small area has begun to wear about the size of a 5p through opening ...

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Can you please advise me if you know anyone in the Essex area that can replace this trim seal,the weather elements have took their toll and it has shrunk and come away in places, the window does not leak ...

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Derek Hall

The plastic windscreen has split in two places, each split 8 inches long. Rain can now pour in!! Can I have this screen replaced, where and at what cost? I live Weston S Mare, BS25 5PP. Model: Honda ...

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the glass back window has come away from the fabric so is leaking can you suggest a glue that will stick it Model: toyota celica convertible

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Mr K Knight

Hi could you supply me with a rear window for my hood on a 1998 renault megane Model: renault megane cabriolet 1998

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bashrat din

do you have somebody that provides a service like yours in manchester? can you repair a leaking rear plastic window in a porsche 996 softop? the rear window seems to be be coming away from the hood. If ...

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sheila farmer

Hi I have a small (1") cut in the plastic rear window. Do you know anyone who could fit a replacement? Or is there some kind of waterproof flexible sealant I could use to repair? I'm in Basingstoke, ...

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Stuart Baker

Can I clean the grime from my convertible's hood using a domestinc steam cleaner? I tried this on a small section yesterday and it seamed to work really well (with a little agitation from a stiff bruch), ...

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kevin brookman

hi if you look at theses pictures you can see the state of my hood after i used renovo canvas soft top reviver the hood has dried like roof felt i would like to point that i used renove soft top canvas ...

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Mark Sutton

Hello, i am based in Southend and i have a leak, i was hoping not to replace the roof until next year but it appears water is entering above the drivers side window, rubbers/seals seem to be the problem. ...

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