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Laurence Symmons

I live in Billericay Essex. My electrically operated car hood (black) has ingrained shiny marks which outline the underlying hood frame work. Can this be improved by a refurbishment process? I accept ...

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mark Richardson

hi guys i have just bought the above car and there is some large marks kind of light green brown its almost a dust colour on my black hood there are also some very small mould stains here and there i ...

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David Walker

I live in Calne - Wilts. Do you cover this area? Roof needs cleaning and reproofing + rear perspex window cleaned. Model: BMW Z3

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Charlene howell

I have 2 rips in my back plastic rear window & would like it replaced? It is sown on not zip. Is this possible? Many thanks Charlene Gloucester Uk Model: Fiat punto convertible 1999

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Mark Lockyer

Hi, The hood on my Boxster is showing signs of fungal 'spotting' esp where parked on shaded side of drive. Navy colour not faded badly. The plastic rear window slightly scratched and opaque. I treated ...

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jenny adamthwaite

Hi - I work for a garage based in dorking and looking at advertising - can you provide me with info on how we can promote ourselves - we are one of the only garages that provide roof repairs to convertible ...

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vivien owen

Hi .I had a slight mishap with my roof and it pulled off some of the guides at the sides.It is now closed and the fabric is fine and the motors are OK, I can buy new parts but need to know if there is ...

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Hi, The roof on my MX5 has a couple of small holes either side, adjacent the side windows. I just wondered if this was considered repairable; the rest of the roof is in good condition. Many ...

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john hetherington

I have bought 1978 lincoln town car which has only 19000 miles the car is as new condition but for the vyinle roof it has staining can this be re coloured i live in alto new mexico 575 973 7906 your help ...

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Glyn Davies

My Honda is a 52 convertible. The hood looks ver tired. But more importantly there is a very small hole 'developng' above the drivers right shoulder. It was pin point last year - now its a small dash. I'm ...

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