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Lord Draper

Why do Glareuk advertise and sell a polish sealant claiming a 5 year morror shine. I bought 2 12 oz bottles of this product, followed the instruction to the letter.I applied 2 coats as instructed and ...

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Geoff ratcliffe

I have just put my order in for a new car, Should be ready for the end of october. Part of the deal is free Diamondbrite but i have got loads of gard x that i bought of ebay. Can i use the conserver ...

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Mark Barnes

The car is about 18 months old, with Supaguard protection (by you) from about that time. It is showing handprints and fingerprints on the boot and around the door areas. These show as whiter than the ...

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Michael Emery

What sort of paperwork should I expect to get when Supagard has been applied. Should it be an original document or would you expect it to be a certificate downloaded from the internet? I was not given ...

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P L Hall

80 St Mary's Road Stratford upon Avon. The car will be 2 years old in a few weeks, and when I bought it a year ago I paid the supplier for the application of Supaguard body and upholstery protection. ...

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Tony swift

Hi It's not about a car that I would like your general comments. I have just bought a new caravan and would like to treat the exterior with a long lasting product to keep the black streaks off and the ...

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The question of wax over Supagard mentions some products which are just polishes. Please comment on Autoglym HD wax over Supagard or another carnauba wax as a suggestion. Also is claying recommended? Thank ...

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