Detailing - Gold

A comprehensive restoration and protection program ideal for cars which are in need of a little love and attention.

With years experience and thousands of satisfied customers we have identified a number of specific reasons our customers have their cars detailed and have put together this ideal package. This detail really will leave your car looking like new again and more importantly leaves your cars paintwork protected against the elements.

 Comprehensive Restoration And Protection Program

This is ideal for cars which are in need of a little love and attention. This detail  really will leave you car looking like brand new and more importantly it will provide protection for your paintwork against the elements.

  • Your vehicle exterior is fully hot pressure washed in detail.
  • Engine cleaned and finished with WD-40 moisture protector - The windows are cleaned and polished inside and out using our citrus cleaning polish.
  • 35 minute power vacuum of the interior.
  • Mats steam cleaned. Upholstery shampooed and seats finished with pure steam.
  • Anti-bacterial cleaning if needed.
  • Superdry (Either 1 hour blower or overnight dehumidifier)
  • The dashboard, vinyl, plastics and parcel shelf is brushed, dusted, and/or washed as needed. Satin polish is applied if required.
  • Ashtrays are emptied, washed and cleaned.
  • Air freshener is applied.
  • Wheels and tyres are cleaned and sheened.
  • Bodywork is buffed with Clear Coat v1k and polished with either cut back wax or long life wax to protect paintwork from rust and corrosion caused by the effects of harmful UV radiation, rain, salt, and oxidization.

All this plus one **FREE** £25.00 Extra from the Gold Extras List.

"Something To Build Upon"

Now that we have the basics covered we can tailor this detail to suit the particular needs of your vehicle either by choosing Extras from the Silver Extras list or from the Specialist Services menu.
To get you started we will give you one free extra from the Silver Extras list.

'Spoilt for Choice?'

If you are having trouble deciding which Extras to have, you don't need to decide now. We will appraise your car with you, our friendly staff will explain all the options with you and advise which services are right for you.
Our Promise to you, "We only sell you what you need and charge what we quote, that's guaranteed."

Gold Detail Extras

  • Multiglaze Longlife Paint Sealant - **Multi-glaze comes with a 1 year guarantee**- £25.00
  • RAINx - ** A special coating for glass. Once coated the glass becomes water repellent (Lasts 3 Months)** - £25.00
  • Silver Seal Paint Glaze Sealant  - **Silver Seal is one of the market leaders in paint protection **- £54.00

Gold Detail Price Menu

We will help you to choose when you are here.

Vehicle Size Prices
Small £195.00
Medium/Small Sports £215.00
Executive/Sports car £242.00
Large Exec./Large Sports/Small 4x4 £282.00
XL Exec./People Carrier/4x4 £325.00
Super Size P.O.A

**NEW** Interior Deep Clean for very dirty cars with years of ground in dirt. Extra cleaning in addition to your Silver Detail. - £42.00

**NEW** Double Clean for problem cars we detail it twice. We can even strip out the interior. - £42.00 per hour Includes VAT

Average detail time: 7hrs 30min - 10hrs+ drying time

Examples of our Detailing - Gold service

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What Our Customers Say

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Can We Help You?

"We can offer specialist advice on the best Detailing - Gold service to suit your requirements"

When bringing your car to New Again, we often ask you to explain exactly the reason for having your car Protected, Detailed or Repaired. Once we understand exactly what it is you are trying to achieve, we will appraise your vehicle using our detailed appraisal check-sheet allowing us to identify areas of concern and tailor specific services that match your requirements and budget.

If you are not sure what service you need and would like to speak to one of our technicians, simply request a callback by filling in the form on our contact page.

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