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This Audi TT originally came to us to have a water leak fixed. They thought it might be the roof because it was old and worn. We took a look to see if it could be refurbished however it was too far gone.

 So it had the hood replaced which cost £1500+VAT.

We fixed the leak and dried the car and with the worst of the problems sorted out, the customer decided to have the rest of the car made like new again before taking it back to France. (It isn't that unusual for us to get cars delivered to us from France, Spain, Gibraltar etc.)

So we polished the paintwork and put an eight-year ceramic protective paint sealant on it. We also cleaned and re-waterproofed the hood.  You might be wondering why we would clean and re-proof a brand-new roof? Our waterproof coating is the best you can get and lasts 2 years, and of course before we apply it needs to be cleaned to remove any dust which the hood picked up while sitting in storage.

Also shown, is the Bentley which was featured in a previous video. This had the convertible was roof cleaned and weather-proofed, plus a couple of small holes repaired. They plug the holes, but they aren't invisible repairs. It does however save from having to have a replacement roof. We suspect a new roof for a Bentley would be rather expensive.

Also featured is a BMW which will be the subject of a future video as will a lovely Alfa-Romeo, both having work done on the roofs and paintwork.

How often should I polish my car?

Life is too short to spend your weekends polishing your car. If your car is looking dull and scratched, we recommend having a professional do it, and then put on a rock hard ceramic coating which protects your paintwork from wash marks and light scratches. Then you won't need to wax or polish your car... unless you really want to. 

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