MG Roadster - Bit of a tidy up!


We had this MG Roadster in a little while ago. It wasn't a major project, and we didn't take much video, but we have stitched together what we have because it's not untypical of the kind of work we get at New Again.

MG Roadster in our workshop
MG Roadster in our workshop.

The story is that somebody who used to work in the MG factory had done a bolt-by-bolt restoration of the car, completely rebuilding the engine and running gear, meaning it was in perfect mechanical condition. However, the bodywork and interior are not in pristine condition, and it needed just a bit of a tidy-up.

There are two ways you can deal with a car like this. You can either do a full restoration, strip-down and respray... or you can accept that it's a sixty-year-old car with a few battle scars and make the best of what-you-got.

We gave it a good clean, inside and out. The hood needed a good clean up, and we spent a long time polishing the chrome. It also had quite numerous dents, the majority of which were dealt with.

The car was given a polish and a coat of wax which made the car look, we think, about 75%. You can't go too far with polishing a car like this because the bodywork isn't perfect, far from it. So if you make the paintwork as shiny as a mirror, all you do is help highlight the imperfections. 

So, the customer got their car vastly improved at a reasonable cost. Maybe in another 20 years, this car will go in for full restoration and come out the other side factory perfect. But old cars have their charm and frankly, I am rather fond of that vintage car smell.

New Again has a whole host of services under one roof, which makes us the ideal place to bring a car like this, whether vintage or newer, we are able to do anything from bodywork and dents, to upholstery repairs and odour removal. 

Another happy customer
Another happy customer.

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