Paint Spill Clean-Up | Audi Q7

Paint Spill Clean-Up | Audi Q7

This Audi was practically new when it came to us with paint spilled in the back, which must have been heartbreaking for the customer.

MG Roadster in our workshop
Removing spilled paint from car carpets requires specialist carpet cleaning extractors.

Thankfully, the customer got it to us before the paint dried and cured. Once paint has dried it becomes very difficult to get off, once it's cured after about 48 hours, it's almost impossible to remove. This is why we emphasize over, and over again, cover the paint with wet towels, then cover the towels with plastic sheeting, keep the car cool and do everything you can to retard the drying of that paint. 

When we get one of these cars, we do an initial 3 hours work, and in about half the cases, we can clean up all the paint if the spill isn't too bad. Otherwise, we send a video report, which is what you see here. We like to keep our customers updated on our progress and constantly inform them of what we expect, so they are in full control of how much they spend.

This approach saves them a lot of money, because if we had to estimate the job at the beginning, we would have to make sure we have plenty of time to do what we set out to do. Nothing is ever as simple as you first expect, and there are always unforeseen problems which we would have to allow for and build into the price. But with this pay-as-you-go approach we can ensure the customer only pays for the work done.

Speaking of paying... if you have a paint spillage, we recommend that you call your insurance company and say that you are not making a claim yet, but you have had an accident with some paint. And that you plan on dealing with it yourself and have your fingers crossed that it will come in under the excess. We also recommend that you take photo/video, and contact customer services of wherever you bought the paint from. If you feel that the paint that you bought from them shouldn't have been supplied in a container that opened of its own accord, then you might have something to discuss with them.

Read our article if you have spilled paint in your car, and you are looking for advice. If you want us to clean up your car, visit our services page for Paint Spillage Clean-Up prices

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