Advice on Drying a Car Interior


Some useful advice if you intend to dry your car yourself. Assuming you have had your car's leak fixed by the dealership or local mechanic, you will still have the problem of a soggy car.

We get lots of calls from people who have had leaks in their cars, had them fixed by a dealership or local mechanic, but they still have wet carpets, their windows always mist up, they have name smells and mould. It's likely they have tried to suck the water out or dry it with towels but the car is still damp. New Again specializes in finding and fixing leaks, drying cars and dealing with mold contamination. But what if we are too far away or you have already found and fixed the leak, can you dry the car yourself? You can, but it will take a bit of work. You will most likely need to remove the car seats. You will need to lift up the carpet, and there are things like electrical components to consider. Watch the video to find out more.

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