Car Water Leaks: Third time lucky


We can't always get it right first time. That was the case with this Lexus.

Nine times out of ten, we can locate and fix a leak first time. But one in about every ten cars has to come back because when a car has multiple leaks, it can be a process of elimination. In addition, our tests cannot always reveal leaks which only occur in real world situations such as driving the car through puddles at speed or passengers entering or exiting the vehicle. This is a real world example, a case study of a Lexus which we had to investigate three times before we found the sixth leak.

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. The truth is that locating car water leaks can be hard, which is probably why your local mechanic or dealership were less than enthusiastic when you told them about your problem. Finding water leaks is sometimes fun, as James said not so long ago, "I feel like a detective" with all his Forensic testing equipment. But sometimes it can be infuriating. On the second visit to use, we discovered this car had been in an accident, and yet when it came back a third time we were reluctant to take off the back bumper until we had ruled out all other possibilities. Even with the bumper off, it took us a while to figure out where the water was getting in. We have to be mindful of time, both ours and the customer's to ensure they get value for money.

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