Ceramic Sealant Compilation


A selection of clips of cars we have ceramic coated here at New Again in Essex. Customers travel to us from around the UK because they know we can be trusted with their ceramic coating.

Most of these cars were coated with Fireball Butterfly and Dok Do, although we now also offer GtechniqMatrix Black and Matrix Blue.

There are some people that hold the opinion that ceramic sealants don't give a shine as deep and rich as traditional waxes, we disagree. Ceramic coatings give an exceptional gloss and superior colour clarity, and we think you will agree the results are stunning. Matrix Black in particular is fantastic at bringing out the colour of a metallic car.

Some of the cars in this compilation are still looking amazing several years after being coated, they maintain their finish and protect the paintwork. We know you love to see glossy pictures, but let's not forget that Ceramic Sealants form a hard shell over your car's paintwork, helping to protect if from scratches and contaminants. It's so slick that dirt just doesn't want to stick to your car, which means that vehicles with ceramic coatings are very easy to keep clean. We recommend all cars have paint protection, and there's less polishing for us to do if you bring your car to us from new. 

We have written the definitive guide to ceramic sealants, so if you are interested in the facts and the myths, please take a look. We answer all your questions.

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