Leaky Ford Focus made like New Again


This Ford Focus came to us with a water leak but the customer decided to turn a negative into a positive and have Modern Car Restoration. The car left us looking like new.

 We located and fixed the leaks. After replacing the inner door membranes and sealing up the back lights we went through the usual process of decontaminating, drying the car and putting it all back together. The customer decided that this was a great opportunity to take advantage of our modern car restoration services. The car was fully detailed, the paintwork polished and then treated with a three year ceramic sealant, making the car like new again... in fact, the paintwork is probably better now than when it left the factory. It can make a lot of financial sense, instead of trading in your car and buying a new one, to have it restored, especially if it is low mileage and in generally good condition Wheel can be refurbished, dents and scrapes can be repaired, there is very little that can't be fixed almost as good as new. 

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