Paint Sealants Question from Stephen Barker

Submitted on 15/09/2009

I have just ordered a new XF from Marshalls in Ipswich and they offered me their paint/fabric/alloy wheels protection for £399 The interior is leather, so they are not doing that bit anyway, but I do like the idea of easy-to-clean alloy wheels so I am wondering if I am better coming and seeing you than letting them do it. I have previously had Lifeshine done on my Audi and I'm still not sure whether it did anything or not. My car isn't due until the end of November. I am in Leiston, near Aldeburgh on the Suffolk Coast Model: Jaguar XF 3.0D Portfolio

Hi Stephen

I really do think it is worth having a paint sealant applied to any new purchase.
Currently both of our most popular protection packages are on offer at £315inclusive of vat i can advise which is best for you. At present there is a very good aftercare kit available worth £60 for the next five days. A meal is offered to you as well so you have something to do in town while we work on your car. We allow 3-4 hours on average to apply a package.
We have a product called inno-x produced by innotec, we have tried and tested it and have found it to be the best product by far for alloy wheels.
Autoglym is a very good product but does require regular polishing to maintain the tip top appearance, all good and well if you have the time to do this. As long as a sealant is applied correctly it will work, if you feel that your previous sealant did not work as hoped it may not have been applied properly from the dealers.
Look forward to hearing from you.

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