Your car should feel as good
as the day you bought it

There's nothing better than the feeling of jumping into a brand-new car. So why can't you have that feeling the whole time you own your car?

Actually, you can, and we can help you protect your car, maintain it, restore it, and keep it looking and smelling as fresh as the day you picked it up from the showroom.

Because you deserve that new car feeling!


It shouldn't be controversial to point out that car manufactures want you to buy a new car every few years.

While they make cars that are mechanically built to last, they can rely on the fact that after a few years, your car will begin to look tatty and tired.

They may also try to convince you to buy a new car because the new models are greener. But what could be more environmentally sustainable than keeping the car you have on the road for another ten years?

Our mission is to change car culture in the UK. We want to convince you that you just don't need to keep buying new cars! If you want that new car feeling, we have more than a few tricks up our sleeve. Stick with the car you love and save your money.

Who we are

The boring part of the story is that Gary started the company in 1987 and was joined by Danny in 2001. But the real story begins in around 2003...

An epiphany

That eureka moment came when yet another customer came to collect a car that he had given to us to spruce up because he was selling it. He knew, quite rightly, that if it looked like new, he would get more money for it.

Like so many others before him, he changed his mind once he had seen what we had done and decided not to sell it. He'd keep it after all.

“It's crazy!” Gary said. It just doesn't make any sense spending money to make your car look like new for the stranger who is buying it. Why not keep your car looking new for the whole time you own it?

That's the point at which New Again became all about modern car restoration.


There's nothing like the satisfaction that comes from overcoming challenging problems in extraordinary ways.
Turning negative scenarios into sensational outcomes, gives us that great feeling of being winners.


At the heart of our company is a dedication to transparency, reliability, and continuous improvement, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of our valued customers.

Over Deliver

Over Deliver

We don't over promise, and we always try to give our customers more than they expect. Genuine and lasting solutions with no gimmicks or shortcuts. You will be pleasantly surprised.



What you see is what you get. We have no pretence to be something we are not with no hidden agendas, so we are more than happy to share and explain our methods and decisions.



We are here to solve your problems, so we listen. We will keep you informed every step of the way with video progress reports.



No hard sell, we help you to buy based on what you are trying to achieve. We don't want you wasting money on services you don't need.


James Dyas

Master Technician

James Dyas

James is the fella who does all the work. Highly proficient, if not fanatical in all areas of car care, he especially likes polishing and ceramic coating.

Nicknamed O.C.D - obsessive car disorder, aspires to buy a BMW M140i.

Tom Petts

Service/ Operations Manager & Senior Technician

Tom Petts

Tom is our operations guru. He loves all things cars, motorsports and tech! When he's not on the phone to our customers, or capturing some of our media footage, he can often be found on the floor, ceramic coating wheels, which he finds oddly satisfying.

Outside of work, he enjoys focusing on his photography & 1970s MGBGT




Alfie, our newest crew member, always shows great enthusiasm in perfecting the art of car detailing and all the stuff we do!

Although he is a keen cyclist outside of work, he'd love to one day own his favourite cars: A 1961 Jaguar E- Type and Disney's Lightening McQueen!

Jade Marshall

Business Administration

Jade Marshall

Nobody quite knows what Jade does, but, everything seems to work much more smoothly when she does whatever it is she does.

Advocate of all things wine, keen crafter, prefers a driver's side petrol cap.

Harrison Wray

Business & System Development


Harrison's coat buttons up over a wide range of responsibilities, and he also likes to roll his sleeves up and work on the cars.

Analytic whizz, bacon sarnie fan, loves to spend endless hours polishing his car.

Gary Wray

Business Development

Gary Wray

Gary started the company in 1987 and is usually found glued to the phone. Gary is responsible for training and as qualified in courses on everything from Lease inspections with the BVRLA to Odour Removal with IICRC

Gary enjoys playing football, walking, is a lover of dogs and refers to his camper van as 'The Bus'

Danny Argent

Training and Development

Danny Argent

Danny has been in and around the car trade for his entire life which at this stage is a pretty long time. Before joining the company in 2001, he was involved in motorsport sponsorship and designed liveries for racing cars.

For over 20 years, Danny had been writing articles and scripts to help inform the public about the automotive industry.

Craig Associate

Smart Repairs

Craig smart repair

Craig paints bumpers but can do other kinds of smart repairs on panels and plastics.

Paul Associate

Paintless Dent Repair

Paul Paintless Dent Removal

Paul removes dents. He loves doing it as you can see from the big grin on his face in the photo.

Alan Associate

Leather Repair

Alan Leather Repair

Alan is the leather guy and is expert in all things regarding leather upholstery. He's also a bit of a joker.




Gus is learning how to manage the website, and he has already been busy, making and editing videos, taking photos and doing research for the articles found on this website.

Gus enjoys playing strategy games, cooking and making tea in the great outdoors whilst hammock camping.

Collin Fernard

AI Assistant

Collin Fernard AI

Collin is younger than he looks, being created in 2023.

Sometimes he gets confused, but when he is working right, he has all our combined wisdom.

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Rolling Rims

Rolling Rims

Rolling Rims offer a number of different services for alloy wheel refurbishment including, Diamond Cutting, Powder Coating, straightening and split-rim refurbishment.



Kraftwork is a body and paint shop which is very reasonably priced but does top quality work.

JM Rice Body Works

J&M Rice Bodyworks

Established in 1966, they are a family run business... and one of the family has worked for until fairly recently. A very friendly company, great work and fair pricing.

Cars Chelmsford Accident Repair

Cars MOT & Servicing

Cars is a wonderful company that has helped us out far more than we have been able to help them out. If you go there, tell them we sent you, they are highly recommended.


Wrenchkraft Ltd

Wrechkraft isn't strictly speaking an associate of New Again. However, when asking who everyone uses to get their car fixed, the answer was unanimous. If we have car problems, we all go see Ivan.