Ceramic Coating Car Protection

Ceramic Coating Car Protection

We take care of everything, from preparation and polishing to application. Protect your paintwork with the most durable ceramic coatings for your car.

If you are looking for the best protection for your car, ceramic coatings chemically bond to your vehicle’s paintwork on a molecular level, which are substantially more durable than regular car waxes and sealants.

Many of the cars we treat are for returning customers because once you've tried it, there's no going back.

Ceramic coatings make your life so much easier, you will clean your car half as often and when you do, it's a breeze.

Ceramic coatings also ensure your car looks spectacular, and when your car looks good, you feel good. We think it's madness not to get a ceramic coating.

The results speak for themselves. See more examples of our work.

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Why should I have a ceramic coating on my car?

Ceramic coatings are the specific application of a polymer which forms tough nano-structures, creating a consistent arrangement of molecules over the surface.  There's no better protection. The sealant works by coating each surface with a thin, invisible nano layer which creates a seal for the paintwork, making it dirt, oil, fat and water-repellent and can be easily cleaned using just water and a microfibre cloth, leaving it ultra-shiny, streak free and super protected.

Classic car ceramic coating makes a vintage Mercedes look like new.
Classic car ceramic coating, they are the perfect solution for old and new cars.

Ceramic sealants and coatings are eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainable and provide a transparent protective barrier for all hard exterior surfaces on your vehicle, including metal and glass.

This barrier provides an extra protective layer to your vehicle's paintwork, resistant to bird droppings, acid rain, road salts, scratching, environmental impacts, chemical etching.

The coating creates a super hydrophobic effect which causes the rain to flow straight off, taking dirt with it, so your vehicle stays cleaner for longer.  You will only need to clean your car half as much. 

What are the benefits of having Ceramic Coating on my car?

Makes your car look superb!

It will look very shiny. That's a given.

Ease of Cleaning

We have been applying ceramic coating in the UK for over 10 years and have had plenty of customers return for another ceramic coating and give us feedback. Undoubtedly, the main reason they love ceramic coatings is the ease of maintenance. 

With the coating so slick and glossy, dirt has nothing to stick to, making it harder for grime to bond to your car. Ceramic coatings are also incredibly hydrophobic, meaning it repels water which just rolls off, and when it does, it takes dirt with it. Your car can actually get cleaner when it rains.

All this means that your car stays cleaner for longer, so there's less washing. And when you do wash it, it's effortless.

The secret of keeping your car looking young

The second thing our customers love is that their car always looks fresh and new. There are two main reasons your car's paintwork begins to age. The first is oxidation, but ceramic doesn't oxidize, so it never goes hazy and dull. The second is all the micro-scratches you introduce to the car when washing it. When you wash off tiny particles with a sponge, they are rubbed against the paintwork, creating scores which are called wash marks.

The less washing you do, and the less you have to scrub your car with a sponge, the less wash marks you will get. Ceramic coatings toughen your paint, and while they aren't bulletproof, they will resist micro-scratches.

This means your car ages far more slowly. You'll be driving a new car for years!

Ceramic coatings pay you back

There's no getting away from the fact that ceramic coatings are expensive. But as your car will stay looking young, it means that should you decide to sell your car, it will command a higher price, which means you will get your money back when you sell.

Alternatively, you may decide to keep your car for many years, in which case the cost is spread out, your car stays looking new the whole time you own it, and you are saving money and time on cleaning and maintenance.

Semi permanent protection

 Car waxes last 1–6 months, while synthetic waxes may last up to a year. Ceramic coatings are far more durable and last longer than traditional waxes and sealants and can last anything up to 10 years depending on which grade sealant you choose.

Ceramic coating and sealants form a permanent adhesion to the paint and can only be removed through abrasion – NO chemical can dissolve the coating.

All round protection

Ceramic protection products to be the most technologically advanced products introduced to the car care market in our 30 years of business. Ceramic coating products leave your car ultra-glossy, super shiny, well protected and with a super hydrophobic effect, making your car easier to clean.  Amazingly, Ceramic Coatings can also be applied to headlights, windscreens, spoilers and alloy wheels and can incredibly withstand temperatures up to 1200 degrees Celsius, preventing brake dust and residue causing pitting and damage to your alloys.

We also stock a range of protective nano-coatings for seats, carpets and cabriolet hoods.

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