Car Polishing Service

Car Polishing Service

We machine polish away wash marks, light scratches and dull paintwork, buffing it to a high shine and making your car look like new, or even better.

If you have wished that your car still looked as highly polished as the day you bought it, we can restore the glossy shine with our professional car polishing service; removing dull, oxidized paintwork, wash marks, fine scratches and etching from bird lime.

Machine Polishing

Professional Car Polishing Service
It's our boast that we can polish a car so that it looks better than it left the factory.

Paintwork correction is an art, and we have been machine polishing cars for over 30 years and have tried all the old traditional methods as well as the latest technological pads and compounds, developing our own techniques for different levels of service.  Whether you require wet-sanding to remove deep scratches, a light single stage polish, or a three stage high-gloss finish, we can tailor our service to suit your needs.

Every time you wash your car, the fine layer of dirt which covers the paintwork will cause light abrasions as you try to remove it. No matter how careful you are, over time, very light micro-scratches appear, causing your car to lose its lustre. When they catch the light, they look like spider webs and your car no longer has a smooth, glassy appearance.

  • Restores your paintwork to showroom condition.
  • Removes washing marks
  • Removes swirl marks from previous machine polishing (i.e. body-shop repairs)
  • Revives dull and oxidized paintwork
  • Safe to use on metallic paint (We still get asked, even though this hasn't been an issue for 30 years)
  • Makes your car easier to clean.
  • A shiny car stays cleaner for longer as water and dirt just rolls off.

Our High Gloss Polishing System

Our system, can be used either in one, two, four or six stage buff and gives exceptional results for the treatment and restoration of faded, dull or scratched paintwork.

We can restore even the most faded and dull paintwork to a 'nearly new' condition. It's also great for reducing small scratches which haven't broken the base coat, such as those caused by car washes and hedgerows.

Please note, with these services we are following a safe formula of buffing. It will remove oxidization and reduce scratches. For deeper scratches and blemishes, see our Scratch Repair & Removal page.

Car Polishing Prices

For used cars 2–3 years old. Price includes our Exterior Detail, double machine polish, clay bar decontamination, exterior detail, panel preparation, and a coating of Topaz. Topaz is our 3-month wax, we have many other coatings to chose from.

Vehicle Size Prices
Small Car £333
Medium/Small Sports £475
Executive/Sports car £523
Large Exec./Large Sports/Small 4x4 £665
XL Exec./People Carrier/4x4 £855
XXL Luxury/Transporter £1,045
There's no VAT to be added to our prices

**Terms and conditions apply**

Additional Services Prices
4 Stage Machine Polishing System
This is an additional two stages added to the service you get as standard. Car paint restoration for cars with deeper scratches. The car is clayed, rotary polished with a heavy then medium compound. This is followed with medium and fine polishes with a dual action machine. (Problem areas can be dealt with using wet sanding)
6 Stage Machine Polishing System
This is an additional four stages added to the service you get as standard. For cars with deeper scratches. The car is clayed, rotary polished with a heavy Compound. 
Heavy-Duty Clay / Acid Bath
For cars with moderate fallout problems. We can use a harder clay and a machine applied synthetic clay. 
With cars with a build up of lime scale, tree sap and build-ups of other grime around badges, fittings and hard to reach places. 
*Prices include the buff/polishing, clay and de-waxing only.
These services can only be bought with an exterior detail


School Holidays Offer

Free Upgrade on Exterior Paint Coatings

Thinking of having your car polished? We have good news!

Book your car in between 24th July and 4th September, for any service which includes an exterior coating, and we will give you a Free upgrade.

This means if you purchase a wax, you will get a polymer sealant, purchase a 3-year ceramic coating, you get a 5-year etc.  Have a look at our range of coatings and see our range. If you pay for a ceramic coating, not only will we give you an upgrade, but we will give you one free extra worth £120.

You don't have to decide right away, offer applies right through until 4th September. Cannot be combined with other offers.

logoDave Coggan 
Was recommended new again to repair a line of scratches and, true to their name my car looks new again. They were friendly, helpful and really quick.


We have been polishing cars for over thirty-five years. Come to the experts.

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Full Car Paint Restoration

Full paintwork correction on a vintage Mercedes Full paintwork correction on a vintage Porsche
It can take several days of polishing and buffing, but we can make a 20-year-old car look as good as new.

Perfect for a 2-30 year old modern classic that you want to look like new again, but don't want to have a complete respray.

If your car is in good condition but just doesn't look like new, it's probably dull and swirly paintwork letting it down. You would be amazed at the difference it can make, even to cars which have been abused and neglected. 

We are able to work wonders on even badly oxidized and abraded paint, and even if it's beyond polishing, we can arrange bodyshop repairs.

Drop by, and we'd be happy to advise you or the best way of making your car like new again, otherwise send us some photos. 

Please see our videos for examples of our work. Prices are from £575 to £850, including interior detail and wax. We would recommend sealing your car with a high quality ceramic sealant, so please check out our special offers.

High-Gloss Machine Polishing System Price
Full Paintwork Correction + exterior detailing £575-£850


This is just the beginning!

Once your car has been polished and looking as good as new, it's time to decide how you are going to keep it looking that way. While there's nothing wrong with a good coat of wax, if you really want to protect your car, ceramic coating is the best solution.

Will Polishing my car remove all scratches?

Some scratches are too deep in the paint's surface might be too deep to polish out. However, on the whole, machine polishing your paintwork will remove light scratches and reduce the visibility of deeper scratches by taking off sharp edges which catch the light. Machine polishing will always give a huge improvement and satisfy the average customer. We won't promise perfection, the Pareto principle comes into play, there are diminishing returns, and we aim to give you the most bang for your buck.

I had my car machine polished a few months ago by somebody else, and now it looks awful.

When using a rotary polisher, you can be removing the scratches, while putting in very fine micro-scratches which look like a smear. At the time it's done, these 'buffer marks' are hidden and filled by the oils and silicones which are in the buffing compound or wax they put over the top. Many waxes contain fillers to fill scratches, and micro-bead diffusers to defuse the light, all designed to hide scratches. After a while, these products evaporate in the sun, and polishing marks are revealed. We avoid buffer marks by using random-orbital polishers and increasingly fine pads and polish. We also wipe down the car with alcohol to remove any compounds which might hide micro-scratches, so we can check our work. The ceramic coatings we are known for DO NOT hide scratches, we have to be doubly sure we aren't creating any.

Why do you polish brand-new cars?

Brand-new cars are seldom completely brand new. They might have been at the dealership for a few weeks, been on some test drives, been washed a few times. And so, they may have picked up some washing marks, they may have been coated in thick waxes which hide scratches. Besides this, the paintwork on a brand-new car is raw - self levelling paint is pretty shiny, but on a microscopic level, the surface will be rough. Polishing it will make it even shinier.

Can you polish out bird poop stains?

Bird droppings are corrosive, they will etch into your paintwork, and worse still, the corrosive compounds stay in your paint and can be re-activated when it gets wet. This means the etching can go deep. We can often polish out these etched marks, but it is important to remove bird droppings as soon as you see them. We also recommend keeping a remover and neutralizing product in your car to combat the corrosive effects.

Why are you recommending I have my car polished, it looks fine to me.

Your car may not look too bad, but you will notice the difference. Micro-scratches can be hard to see unless under the right light, but they are there, making your car look dull. There's also oxidization, causing a cloudy haze on your paintwork. You will notice the difference once the car has been polished.

What Our Customers Say

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New Again

Can We Help You?

"We can offer specialist advice on the best Car Polishing Service service to suit your requirements"

When bringing your car to New Again, we often ask you to explain exactly the reason for having your car Protected, Detailed or Repaired. Once we understand exactly what it is you are trying to achieve, we will appraise your vehicle using our detailed appraisal check-sheet allowing us to identify areas of concern and tailor specific services that match your requirements and budget.

If you are not sure what service you need and would like to speak to one of our technicians, simply request a callback by filling in the form on our contact page.