Connollising Leather Recolouring

Leather upholstery repair- leather care, restoration, reconditioning, refinishing and recolouring of leather seats, and door panels.

Named after the famous connolly leather company who for many years supplied full leather interiors for Aston-Martin and Rolls-Royce. "Connollising" has become the name given to methods of reconditioning and refinishing leather upholstery.

Leather reconditioning and refinishing

We now use modern products that are soft, flexible and hardwearing, with great coverage and guaranteed not to peel or fade.

This is the ideal solution for worn, cracked and faded leather, as well as for scuffs and cigarette burns.T we use tried and tested colours and coatings. We don't repair systems that little more that temporary cover-ups which can be wiped of in the process of normal valeting.

Seat Bolsters

Wear to the driver's side seat bolsters is the most common form of damage we see. Because leather is a natural breathable material, it does soak up dirt and can become discoloured, therefore in order to get a good match in colour and finish we recolour a larger area than just the bolster. Usually this will be either the whole face of the upright, or whole face of the seat base. Please note that while the face of seats is leather, in the vast majority of cases, the sides and back are usually plastic or vinyl.

Example Prices

These prices are examples based on typical car sizes and typical levels of trim with typical wear. We will quote each job on an individual basis. Cars with bi-coloured seats or exceptional wear may cost more and take longer.

Part Interior - Medium Executive Cars
e.g. 3,5,7 series BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Lexus 200, Alfa-Romeo, Fiat Barchetta, Lotus
1 bolster or front edge only (black leather only) £120.00
1 front seat - Base & upright faces + door-side edges £198.00
2 front seat - Base & upright faces + door-side edges £396.00
Popular Service! 1 front seat - Face of upright + door-side edges £136.00
Popular Service! 1 front seat - Face of seat base + door-side edges £136.00
Whole interior leather - excluding steering wheel £929.50
Whole interior leather - excluding steering wheel. Removed from car (Rarely needed) £774.40
Different Coloured Piping per seat* Single  £68.68
Different Coloured Piping per seat* Double £111.80
Paint Removal of DIY colouring kits and/or incompatible products***
(One seat typically takes one hour)
 £49.00 per hour

* Cars with coloured piping or bi-coloured seats take far longer to do, and we will usually need the car for two days.

** Please note, it is not possible to change the colour of leather using connollising, i.e. Blue seats to cream seats.

*** DIY Leather Colouring Kits - We are seeing a significant number of cars which have been previously recoloured with DIY kits, incompatible products, or poor preparation/application. The result is that these products often crack or peel, or otherwise make an unsuitable base for our own products. These products need to be completely removed before we can apply our own products.

Whole Interior - Large Executive Cars
e.g. Jaguar, Lexus 400, BMW 7, Mercedes S class
Porsche 911  
Whole interior - excluding steering wheel £740.52
Two Front Seats with single piping £519.20
Aston-Martin Vantage  - DB9  
Whole interior - with double piping. Excluding steering wheel £1,236.40
Whole interior - with single piping. Excluding steering wheel £1,112.10
Ferrari 355  
Whole interior - Excluding steering wheel and dash. £689.70
Range Rover  
Whole interior - with single piping. Excluding steering wheel. £863.50
Rolls Royce - Bentley  
Whole interior - Excluding steering wheel. £1,236.40
Whole interior - with sinlge colour piping. Excluding steering wheel, dashboard, headlining. £1,485.00
Steering Wheels  
Brand New Hardwearing Technique (Badly worn steering wheels will need recovering) £123.20
Extras Prices
Large surface scratches £84.44
Cigarette burns on leather, vinyl, plastic £86.90
Door panel, single without repair £86.90
Door panel, single with small repair £111.00
Four door cards without repairs £210.10
Gear stick/handbrake gaiter £49.37
Leather gear knob £49.37
Centre arm-rest £86.90
Dashboard holes 1-8 (up to 20mm) Not all dashboards can be done! £185.90
Dashboard scratches Not all dashboards can be done! £98.74-£185.86
Cracks in dashboard (sun damage) P.O.A.
Small repair to trim £62.44-£111.10

Special Offer Put the Smell of Leather in your Car!

Service Price Offer Price
Smell of Leather (Odour Blocks)
Guaranteed to last a minimum of 1 year Leather odour blocks are attached under seats -
Leather fragrance is introduced into air vents - Aromatek Leather
£121.00 £60.50

Leather Repiars

We are able to carry out minor repairs to scuffs and cigarette burns as part of both of the above methods. For rips, holes and loose stitching you may need the services of a Coach Trimmer. You can send us a photo and we will advise.

Go Direct!

New Again brings a wide range of services together under one roof offering an easy one-stop-shop to make your car like new again. If however, you only have one or two small repairs, you could go direct to our trusted contractors... just don't forget to tell them we sent you!

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When bringing your car to New Again, we often ask you to explain exactly the reason for having your car Protected, Detailed or Repaired. Once we understand exactly what it is you are trying to achieve, we will appraise your vehicle using our detailed appraisal check-sheet allowing us to identify areas of concern and tailor specific services that match your requirements and budget.

If you are not sure what service you need and would like to speak to one of our technicians, simply request a callback by filling in the form on our contact page.

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