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How is water leaking into my car?


We have been finding and fixing leaks for many years now, and we keep seeing the same problems reoccurring. In this article we will share our top 10 car water leaks.

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Leather Car Seat Restoration (Audiogram)


Do you have some wear on your leather seat, maybe a scuff? Wondering if it can be repaired or refurbished? In this article we'll explain trimming and connollising and how your leather car seats can be repaired.

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Leather Car Seat and Carpet Repairs


This was a car that had a scuff on the leather seat bolster and a hole in the carpet. The car was due to be returned to the lease company at the end of it's lease and came to us for an inspection.

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What to do if you find water in your car


If your car has mould in it, chances are there will be water in it. If the car has steamed up windows then possibly there is water under the carpet somewhere.

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Porsche Detailing/Restoration 2005-2019


This Porsche Carrera came to us for Modern Car Restoration, it had some rust on the rear end and required some quite serious bodywork. But that's not what's interesting about this Porsche!

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