Convertible Roof Cleaning & Restoration

Convertible Roof Cleaning & Restoration

Our Specialist cabriolet hood restoration service was developed over 20 years, into a process which restores and protects your soft-top.

Cabriolet/Convertible roofs are tough to keep clean and prone to fading. Fabric hoods usually attract mould and moss. Without protection, you can expect an unmaintained convertible hood on a cabriolet to last on average around 6-8 years before it will need replacing.

Mini Convertible roof restoration, before cleaning. Mini Convertible roof after cleaning and coating.
Once cleaned and refinished, this soft-top looks near new.

Have your hood cleaned by a convertible roof specialist

The majority of people come to us because their convertible roofs have been neglected, they haven't been regularly maintained or cleaned.

This neglect leads to the hood becoming covered in green algae, moss, mould or lichen and when left untreated to the elements the fabric can deteriorate rapidly. Unfortunately, if left unmaintained the rotting process begins and when reaching a point of no return it will create further problems such as water leaks and functional issues.

Recovery and restoration of the existing hood will no longer be possible and will inevitably lead to an expensive convertible hood replacement, costing anything between £500 - £3000. In order to avoid costly hood replacements, regular cleaning, protection and maintenance is essential.

Weather Protection & Fabric Hood Proofing

Weather protection with Renovo Ultra Proofer or our  Vädervakt Nano-Proofer
Brand-new fabric soft tops come with an invisible 'weather proofer' already applied and over time this special coating deteriorates and needs replacing leaving your soft top roof unprotected from the elements  becoming weak and more prone to damage.

We offer a varied range of convertible hood protection products including, Renovo® Ultra Proofer and Vädervakt​ 2-Year Nano-Proofer. These dedicated convertible hood products protect your convertible/cabriolet hood by creating an invisible chemical, waterproof barrier. The barrier prevents discolouration from ingrained dirt, tree sap, bird droppings, road salts and much more from penetrating into the fibres and doing damage to the convertible hood material.
Cabriolet hood protection products have a specially developed formula which contains Ultra Violet (UV) inhibitors and agents to prevent mould and mildew and prolongs the life of your soft top whilst maintaining the value of your car.

Our Cleaning Process.

Before Ultra Proofer is applied, your convertible hood is washed and brushed using a variety of specialist tools and hood cleaning products, and then dried.  Your car will also be given a quick wash so that you won't be collecting a dirty car with a clean roof -- there may even be a special offer meaning your exterior is detailed and given a coat of sealant. This level of service is ideal for most cars that are no more than a few years old where the hood is reasonably free from mould, moss and lichen. For the older, dirtier hoods you may also require a Hood Machine Clean.

Your hood is cleaned, dried, re-proofed and then dried again, so in normal circumstances you will be required to leave your car with us for a minimum of 4 hours. Please be mindful to allow extra time if the weather is unfavourable and experiencing rain, as it is vitally important that the hood is properly dried before returning the car to you. Take a look at some of the cabriolets we have already cleand and weatherproofed.

Vadervakt 2 Year weather proof coating

2 Year  Nano-coating Protection

We can also provide Vädervakt two stage protective and hydrophobic coating which contains antimicrobial agents. The nano particles coat the fibres of your fabric hood, providing extended durability. It lasts for two years and also has the added benefit of darkening your roof and giving it a silky sheen. You can see the difference.

Convertible Hood Price Menu

If you have a new or fairly new car and just want weather proofing, then you will just need a quick clean and the weatherproofing. Otherwise, you will most likely require a machine-clean and weather protection. Recolouring is seldom needed.

We will help you to choose when you are here.

2 Seater Convertible Roof Cleaning Service Renovo® Prices Vädervakt Prices
Clean / Weather Protection £122 £222
For new cars with clean roofs, or new roofs.**    
Machine Clean / Weather Protection £165 £265
Our Most Popular Service    
Clean / Recolour / Weather Protection £210 £210
Recolouring is seldom required!    
Machine Clean / Recolour / Weather Protection £255 £355
Recolouring is seldom required!    
2 Plus 2 Convertible Roof Cleaning Service Renovo® Prices Vädervakt Prices
Clean / Weather Protection £145 £245
For new cars with clean roofs, or new roofs.**    
Machine Clean / Weather Protection £209 £309
Our Most Popular Service    
Clean / Recolour / Weather Protection £242 £342
Recolouring is seldom required!    
Machine Clean / Recolour / Weather Protection £297 £397
Recolouring is seldom required!    
4 Seater Convertible Roof Cleaning Service Renovo® Prices Vädervakt Prices
Clean / Weather Protection £165 £265
For new cars with clean roofs or new roofs.**    
Machine Clean / Weather Protection £232 £332
Our Most Popular Service    
Clean / Recolour / Weather Protection £265 £365
Recolouring is seldom required!    
Machine Clean / Recolour / Weather Protection £319 £419
Recolouring is seldom required!    
Plastic Window Refurbishing Service Prices
Hand Refurbish £23
Machine Refurbish £45
Only available with the services above.  No VAT to be added to our prices.
Kritox Rubber and Neoprene clean and conditioner Prices
Whole Car + pipe-flush and drainage checkup.* £120
Roof rubbers/seals + pipe-flush and drainage checkup.* £80


*Pipe flush and drainage checkup - If drainage pipes are found to be blocked, we will unblock them if we can. However on some models of cars they might also be missing, broken or damaged due to age, or need dismantling to diagnose the problem. 

**If you have a new roof, or a new car, and you want it protected, we don't need to machine clean it because it won't yet be dirty. However, we will need to give it a light wash to remove any dust, and we will need to dry it because protective coatings can only be applied to a dry roof. 

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"Great service, I keep a soft-top outdoors so for me the New Again service is a no-brainer. The hood looks great and water beads off." ~ Marc   


May Cabriolet Hood Offer

When you buy any Convertible Hood Service

get autoglym's new Ceramic spray coating 


AutoGlym ceramic spray

We promise you, when you get your car's convertible roof cleaned and reproofed, you'll be so pleased with your car, you'll wish the rest of it was looking so bright and new. We know this from experience. Many of our customers immediately rebook their car in to have an exterior detailed.

Autoglym's new product, Ceramic Spray buffs to a high gloss finish, leaving your car super-hydrophobic  for up to 3 months. Get it for free when you get your hood refurbished

...or get £60 off any exterior coating.  We have a full range of coatings from 3 months waxes to 8 year ceramic coatings. 

(You don't have to decide right away, offer applies during May or within one week of having your car's roof cleaned and reproofed during May).

Offer Expires In

Use Code: MayHoodEx50Book by 5pm on 31/05/2022

VIDEO: Why You Need To Restore And Protect Your Cabriolet Hood.



**Important** Waterproofing

Hood Proofing products will only weatherproof the fabric of your convertible hood. They will not stop leaks or fix damage, rips and tears to the hood membrane.
For more information about Water Leaks, visit our Water Leak Detection Page

Can you recolour my convertible roof?

We could, but we probably won't. In the vast majority of cases, it isn't needed. Cleaning and re-waterproofing will darken up the hood and bring the colour back sufficiently.  The re-colouring treatment is less of a dye and more of a paint... and the end result looks painted. Unless you have a convertible that is so vintage that they don't make patten roofs for it any more, we think a replacement roof is a better solution.

How do you get stains and algae out of a convertible hood?

Lichen is a combination of a fungus and algae living together in harmony; it can be very tough to get off, but it will soften if soaked. So we wash it, wash it again, then wash it some more and keep going until it's gone. There's no real magic to cleaning roofs, it's elbow-grease and perseverance. 

How long does waterproofing last?

They recommend cleaning and topping up the reproofer every six months. This is why the  Vädervakt Nano-Coating is so popular, not only does it look darker and have a nice sheen, it lasts 2 years.
Be aware, these products waterproof the fabric, preventing it from going mouldy because it's always wet. This is actually a cosmetic layer, it's the neoprene sheet under it which you don't see, which actually keeps the water out of your car.

Why is my soft top covered in green mould?

The simple answer is 'dirt'. Moss, lichen and algae need something to live on.  As dust, grit, leaves and other organic matter land on your hood, they settle in the fibres, and then birds come along and drop fertilizer on it. It becomes a perfect garden and so eventually you'll get things start growing on it. Regular cleaning will prevent this, and weather-proof coatings contain inhibitors which help prevent it. 

Can I clean and reproof my convertible roof myself?

You certainly can. You can buy a kit from Halford's or get some products online, it's likely to be similar to what we are using. But it is hard work... it's very hard work to do properly and get good results, it's an all day job to do by hand. Applying a restorer is fairly easy, but it won't work very well unless you first get the hood spotless first. Pressure washers will damage your hood, so will harsh chemicals, so it needs to be cleaned by hand. 

Do you come to me, and how long does it take?

No, we do not offer a mobile service, and convertible roof waterproofing needs to be done in a controlled environment. We are based in Chelmsford, Essex.
We clean your hood, and then it needs to be properly dried before we can apply the waterproofing. Then the waterproofing needs to dry, so we do this inside or undercover. Drying times vary, but we can do this within a day. We recommend dropping the car off in the morning and picking it up in the afternoon. If you need to, you can leave the car with us overnight.

Can you repair a rip in my roof?

We can repair very small holes, but the repair isn't invisible. If you have areas where the hood is worn through, ripped or the stitching has rotted and coming apart, it's really not worth repairing. To repair it you have to take the hood off, and if you are going to do that, you might as well replace the roof with a shiny new one.
You will need the services of a coach trimmer that specializes in cabriolet hoods, and luckily we know a very good one. They came to us recommended, and we dealt with them for many years - wonderful company.
See our address book below.

Go Direct!

For repairs or replacement roofs, you will need the services of a coach trimmer, preferably one that specializes in convertible roofs. Give them a call and don't forget to tell them we sent you.

Steve ~ C. E. Moore Coach Trimmers
North West London (not mobile)
020 8961 2225  


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