Accident Clean-up Question from Angie Dziaduck

Submitted on 17/09/2009

Hi there from Canada. I was just wondering if you knew of any cleaners or remedies to wipe hi-way or road paint off of our car. Workers had sprayed the road with yellow road paint, and unknowingly to us, we switched lanes, and yes, we got splatters of yellow all over our Black vintage car :( I ope you can help. Thank you in advance Model: 67 Camaro

Hello New Again Team
If they use the same road paint as we do in the UK, then yes the answer is De-icer. It softens it up and a clay bar (used to remove fall out, you should be able to buy one of these on the net, 3m make quite a good one) to remove the last bit.
The de-icer must have isopropanol in it. you may find a concentrated one works better and if you have big bits?  then you may want to dab it on with a brush. Be careful, that stuff is sometimes a bit gritty. Thats why the clay bar works so well as it absorbs the grit.
If you find the clay a bit hard because its cold out there, then warm it up using a hot bucket of water.

Ian Rice of J and M Rice bodyworks helped with this answer.

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