Detailing Question from jeff

Submitted on 05/01/2010

hi again when i polish my car with super resin polish also use extra gloss protection is this ok as it says on it you can use this to lock shine in also wot autoglym product is the best to protect my alloys when i wash the car which is once a week and polish it once a week i use the autogylm aooly wheel cleaner i thought about useing super resin polish on them to repell the water ? so polishing my car once aweek will not rub away the paint like i said on my other question to you i wash and polish it once a week hate driving a drity car thanks again by the way my car is not a solid colour it met tempest gray cheers Model:


No problem

just to let you know that 99% of cars these days have a coat of laquer on them, even if they are a base colour (plain colour not metalic)

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