Paintwork Correction Question from Lyndsey

Submitted on 17/03/2010

Hello, Today someone has scratched my car a bit on the side panel. It looks like it has come out with T-cut but its not a very deep cut. If it doesn't come out with T-cut more what could I do? Thank you Model: Vauxhall Corsa


It all depends how deep the scratch is.

If its in just the lacquer there is a good chance it could come completley out. Obviously the deeper the scratch the chance of removal reduces.

We have various techniques to remove or at worst improve scratches.

We could possibly remove with a "Mini Buff" which we charge around £15 for a small area.

 for the more deeper scratches we could use "Paint correction" which is machine polishing up to the enth degree. we charge around £30 for a small area to do this.

If we find the scratch has taken some of the paint away. we could improve the apperance to around 80% with a "cosmetic repair" which is a combination of machine polishing and touching in. Again we charge around £30 for this.



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