Dent Removal Question from Gurdip Virdi (AUtopoint LTD)

Submitted on 29/03/2010

pls quote on the damage shown in the four pictures Model: vw tauran


I suspect that you will end up having to do a Midi Repair on that however you could bring it down to our dent man to try.  If he can do it, then I would suggest that that would have been a great result.  However, I suspect that it would just be too difficult.  We do a moneyback guarantee which you may want to read on this page.  We also do have a plan B., which is Kraftwork bodywork are only just about 10 Minute Drive from here.  So if we couldn't do it.  Then you could take a drive to them and get a price to repair and respray the whole tailgate.  Here's our contact details in case you want to ring and let us know when you can come. And here is a link to our price menu.  You have two dents the size of a football so that would be £80 to £120 for the first one.  Then the second one would be £40 to £80 plus VAT so the worst-case it would be £200 plus VAT, and the best case would be £120 plus VAT.  That would depend on how much work was involved and the result.  If we can't get it 80% better or more, we don't charge you.  If we can, and you'd still prefer to go to the body shop, because you just couldn't live with the remaining 20% then you can still go to the body shop if you read our guarantee.  I hope this all makes sense, if it doesn't please call us and we will explain it over the phone.

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