Odour Removal Question from Hamish Mcnaughton

Submitted on 01/04/2010

Just bought my car, its in great nick, but the previous owner must have smoked. How can i get rid of the smell & make it fresh again Model: Golf gti

I would say is 70% of the smell comes from the ash.  So the first thing you can do is to give it a very good vacuum particularly in and around where the ash may have gone.  Focus on the area around the drivers side and in and around the centre consul give the seats are very good bash and the vacuum that dust up first.  The second thing you need to do is to clean all surfaces with a citrus cleaner.  You can use a bathroom cleaning foam, as long as it has nothing in there that is harmful.  Like bleach.  I must say I've never seen one with anything harmful in.  You need to clean every single surface.  So start on the dashboard on the passenger side.  Obviously you don't go on anything electronic.  Then do the inside windscreen, then the headlining above the passenger seat.  Then the passenger seat in two parts.  Then the foot well, and so on.  You need a hot bucket of water and a microfibre cloth.  Then wring it out.  Just spray the citrus clean on the surface and give it a good rub with your microfibre, making sure you cover all of the surface area.  You may need two aerosols to do the entire interior.  Just be careful not to go over the radio or electronic things such as clock displays etc.  Pay particular attention to the steering wheel and the centre consul area and the carpets on the drivers side.
If you have improved it by only 90%, which is often the case.  Then you will need to do it all again.  If this doesn't work then you need to bring it to us, or a specialist like us.  We use machines like fogging machines, ozone machines and professional commercial products that are designed for removing odour.
Oh, and lastly, make sure the ashtrays are very well cleaned use a citrus product on these two.
Good luck and please let us know how you got on.

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