Accident Clean-up Question from paul harrison

Submitted on 11/04/2010

I noticed my black car was covered today in rain drop sized spots on my bonnet,roof,bootlid and down one side of the car. However after washing they are still there.They seem like minute drops of bird poo damage but how can this be as there are so many. I wash and wax regularly and owned the car over a year now. I noticed after buying that there were signs of respraying but this has not bothered me and there has been no signs of the paint deteriorating. A bodyshop had a look, and after G3 polishing said he thought it was down to the bad respraying, yet the roof was not sprayed or the bonnet to my knowledge so why the damage. I cannot believe what has happened to my pride and joy. Can you help and what do you think this damage could be? Sorry about the photo quality but it was difficult to see on the photos.I live in dunstable beds. Model: bmw e90 325i

I have to admit that I don't know.
 My guess would be that it is something like acid rain... or some other kind of liquid fallout.

If a bodyshop has already had a go and not been able to do much about it, I would suggest you might wish to enquire with your insurance company what can be done, and if they would pay for a respray.

I think if we were to wet-sand it, we could only get an improvement, and a respray might be the way to go. This is the kind of work that Kraftwork specialize in.

Sorry I can't be more helpful, the only other thing I can say is that if you would like to come down to us to let us have a look, we can advise and help you and we deal with all major insurance companies.

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