Dent Removal Question from angela goldby

Submitted on 15/04/2010

I have one dent above wheel arch (photo attached). Also a small dent where my panel was hit by another car opening its door (about size of 1p piece - this photo is attached and you can see the small dent just below the camera strap in the relection. Also another tiny dent which doesn't really photograph on the back bumper. Please come back to me to advise approximate cost and timescale for repairing. Thanks. I am located in Ramsden Bellhouse, Billericay, Essex. Model: 6 series BMW convertible


The big dent  will be difficult, however it would be worth the effort to try it. If it can be done, it will save having to repair and re spraying it.  So what I would suggest is you let us try.  We do a moneyback guarantee,  So if we tried it and got the 80% better or more, but you  still couldn't live with the imperfection and you wanted to go ahead and have a Midi Repair,you still could, you just have 30 days to do it, in fact you can go to any body shop you like, but if you go to Kraftwork they will take what you spend with us off your Bill with them.
The small dent would be an easy dent providing we can get access (usually 95% of the time for one like this).  We don't charge if we can't do it.
Have a look at this page for the guarantee and our phone number button is at the bottom of the page, so if you would like to book it in please give us a call thanks.

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