Hoods Question from Mrs Sue Broome

Submitted on 24/06/2010

How can I repair a small hole in my vinyl roof.It's near the rear passenger window on the driver's side and seems to be sited where the mechanism for operating the opening/closing of the roof. Model: VW Golf Cabriolet 1996


I'm afraid that you will need a new roof. I called Barton and Sons who are on our expert panel. Malcolm said that depending on the position of the hole, they can sometimes be patched, It doesn't look that great but on an older car it can sometimes be an appropriate solution. However in most cases they go on the fold which means that any kind of glue, just wouldn't last because its being folded back wards and forward. So yes you could remove the roof and glue plus stitch a patch on both sides and even make it a suitable shape so it looked reasonable. That would make a proper job of it. But by the time you have done that, you may as well replaced the whole roof. Malcolm advised me that you don't have to buy one from the dealer they can put a new after market one on for under £500 that fits properly.


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