Dent Removal Question from Glen

Submitted on 23/07/2010

Hi, I am based in Cornwall, trying to sort the car for sale, so need to balance between cost vs loss in value. I have 3 problems and a question: 1: Ding in door - got a double ding - same bastard neighbour, but never caught them! Big-plum sized, wavy crease, but paintwork intact. SIPS bar in door panel is behind the dent, about finger width gap between dent and door. Is this do-able? 2. Got a few small dings pushing out of boot lid from shutting it on stuff - ahem - 4-5 about 5p size. Guessing these can be knocked back? 3. Wear and tear on Bolster, from watching your video I am guessing we would be better to replace the panel, but can you confirm? The glove box door has some scuffs on - it is "leather texture" plastic and the scuffs will not wash out. Would you recommend using some "paint" type product to fix this - can you recommend some suitable products to look at (sorry no photo)? Thanks for your help Glen Model: Toyota MR2

Hi Glen,


I think your correct in addressing these before sale.

I will answer best i can.


1.If the access is there then there is a high chance this dent will come or at least improve. the only problem i can see is it being close to that trim edge. It may make it a bit more difficult to get the dent sitting completley flat.

A Plum size Dent we charge between £70 and £120+VAT


2. we should be able to do something with these. Again Improvement should be expected and not 100% finish.

It is hard to put a price on this at the moment. but i would imagine a cap of £150+VAT


3.I can confirm you will need to replace the panel with the tear in. this is a job for a car trimmer .


*with the glove box.. there isn't any products i would recommend you use unless you really know what your doing. You could end up making it look worse.

If its that bad you want to look to see how much a donor glove box is. Try salavage yards, ebay etc. failing that. we can probably re texture and colour it for around the £100 mark.

As you are quite some distance from us you want to search for this work to be done closer to you. This How to get the best out of the AutoTrader Article willl help you to do that.




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