Dent Removal Question from Michael Rolph

Submitted on 13/01/2011

The previous owners of my would-be decent looking Saxo don't appear to have been all too careful drivers. Three areas of damage were made by them (and admittedly one small area by myself), and they are getting a bit unsightly. As a student I cannot afford big expenses for repairs, let alone running the car itself so this is an enquiry just to get a realistic idea. It appears on the tailgate that a poor attempt was made to knock the damage out. To me the damage seems fairly minor and not too difficult to fix - but that's for the experts to decide! Please forgive the huge amount of photos! Nr. Newmarket, Suffolk. Model: Citroen Saxo (mk.2 2001)

I would suggest that you go down your local car spares shop and find a close colour to that. Most friendly car spares people should allow you to offer the colours up to the actual car. Or you may even find that citron can sell you an exact colour match and then not too expensive. Then I would suggest you have a quick read of our article here. Then if you touching the areas that need touching in you may surprise yourself and it will look may be 50% better overall and hopefully if you do it in time will help hold back any rust. Or alternatively that's not an expensive repair for a bodyshop to do. Have a shop around and expect to pay something like hundred and £75-£199 plus VAT for the whole tailgate to be re-sprayed and of course repaired. Add just may be £15 for the cost of new badges, as it usually makes sense to put new badges on when the job is all done properly.
Have a quick read of this page and you will see our arrangements with Kraftwork who are very good. However they are a little distance from you so I would suggest that you scroll down to the bottom of this page for a link to an article called how to get the best from the auto trader. That article will help you find a good bodyshop in your area.
Good luck

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