Dent Removal Question from Mykhaylo Idrisov

Submitted on 21/01/2011

Could you please tell me if it is possible to do something about my dent. Some silly teenagers were messing about and jumped on my bonnet and as result there is no damage to painwork but 1/3inch deep dent. It would not be so bad if it was not sitting on top of the hook (see picture) so the direct access from underneath is restricted. My postcode SE6 Model: Skoda Octavia


Having had a good look at your excellent pictures, I would say that we only have about a five percent chance of getting that dent eighty percent better or more, the problem is not only a very tricky dent to do, so you would need the best top end dent technician, but also the access looks like it could be restricted on some parts of the dent. So I have had a look at how far we are using our distance and direction finder which says we are, one hour four minutes away. Forty two point four miles to be precise.

So I would suggest you have a look at the articles below. One being the one about the body shops and the how to get the best from the auto trader. Then if you can't find a good company near you, then maybe come to us. We could let our dent man try it under our, what we call Piggy back booking, then if its not successful, you could go on to Kraftwork who will be able to give you a price to put it right for you. 

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