Detailing Question from michael

Submitted on 23/01/2011

my dash is the same as your pics i live in hartlepool north east and want to clean my saab dash like that. Model: saab 9-3

I'm afraid I don't know which pictures you are referring to? However you can answer in the panel below by telling me what page, or I think you can put a link in there if you want.
I can give you some general advice on cleaning dashboards.
Here are the three things you need for the cleaning part. One a bucket of quite hot water. Two a microfibre cloth and three some interior foam spray cleaner.

Okay so you spray the dashboard with the foam avoiding the electronic items i.e. digital clock and small switches then you ring your microfibre cloth out in your hot bucket of water taking care to make sure that every bit of water is run out. Give it a very good shake,  just to make sure. Then give the dashboard a real good clean,  then washing your cloth out in the bucket and ringing dry and shaking as you go,  Being careful not to go too hard over the little logos. (You can clean them, just don't overdo it because they can wear a little). This usually gives a great finish the kind of natural look that most people like. However if you like a kind of sheen on it. Then I recommend armerall, I think I've got the spelling right, but you should be able to buy in most car accessory shops. If you can't find it then please come back to me and I will find it for you. Again you can use your microfibre to apply it, just be careful of the electronics switches etc. Aerosol  sprays do work but, they tend to be a bit patchy when covering a wide area.
Good luck

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