Dent Removal Question from Meena Rafiq

Submitted on 20/03/2011

Hi, please can you tell me if you would be able to repair this dent or significantly improve it. It is on the passenger side door. There is no paint damage that I can see. I'm based in South London. Thanks. Model: VW polo


It could be improved, but even if we could get it 60% better, you would still be left with forty percent and unfortunately we just couldn't put our names to it. That isn't going to be a ninety percent job, no matter how long we do it. You don't have anything to loose by trying a sucker. Have a look on ebay where you will be able to find one for less than a ten pounds. Then polish up the dent and put your sucker on it and pull, then move it and go again. Start around the edges. Don't try any leavers (these are for the experts only) I suspect you will get maybe sixty percent. Or if you wanted to save claiming on your insurance, then have a good read of this page, then call Kraftwork.

Just in case you were reading this, and were thinking of having a go at your dent your self, then you would be wise to load up your pictures because sometimes you can muck up one that could have been done by an expert. And believe it or not, some times Ive seen dents come out with a thump  or a Palm (that if a palm can get the other side). But the problem is knowing which will be OK to thump and which could be made worse. One thing I can say is that the leavers are definitely expert tools.

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