Leather Restoration Question from Mr Adnan Chohan

Submitted on 04/08/2008

Please advice me if you can repair my leather seat for the passenger side. I took the car in for valeting and the colour of the cream leathers have become yellow. I have taken detailed pictures of what happened. In pic BMW1 the part that you rest you back on the passenger side near the middle and also the edge of the seat has lost its colour. Pic BMW2 shows a close up of the edge and BMW3 shows a close up of the part you rest your back on. Pic BMW4 is a close up of the part you rest your bottom on which also got damaged slightly. Please let me know the price you would charge to get this repaired. Also please let me know if it would be an exact match of the colour if you can get it repaired. Thanks Model: BMW E46 325ci Coupe (2002 model)

Thank you for sending these photos in.

As valeters, this happened to us a number of times when we were using normal leather conditioners and cleaners -- it's what got us into connollising in the first place!

What has happened is that these seat have been recoloured before, unfortunately the leather wasn't prepared properly and the colour dye they used was of poor quality. It could have been one of these DIY kits that you see for sale online, or it might have been a smart repair man working on a budget for a dealership.

Sorry to sound harsh, but it looks like whoever did this didn't even clean the dirt off before recolouring the seats. So it's little wonder it's comming off.

The good news is that this can be put right -- it can be matched and recoloured. However, before that can be done, it is going to take a lot of preparation removing this old paint. I would probably say that the seats will need to be removed from the car and maybe even dismantled. 
I can't give you a firm price, but if I were to take a guess, I'd say it would cost about £500 to put this right.


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