Dent Removal Question from Paul Bedwell

Submitted on 25/05/2011

Have some dents in roof as a result of dodgy roofbars and need approx quote to get fixed. Also front wing is scraped so would welcome rough quote on this as well! For good measure have also included pic of small dent in bootlid again rough quote helpful. Am local Cheers Model: Toyota Avensis T2 Hatchback

The dent on the boot looks quite straightforward although it's not clear exactly what size it is. If it falls under the size of a £.50 piece then it would be £60 plus VAT. If it falls just a little larger then the price would go from £70 plus VAT to £120 plus VAT depending on the work involved and the result achieved. Here is a link to our prices and guarantees.
The damage on the bumper would normally count as a what we callsmall area repair or small area respray  times one and a half, however because the damage has caught the wing as well, then you may as well get aMIDI repair for the whole thing you may want to have a look at this video.
The dents on the roof are unlikely to be able to be repaired using painless dent removal as it is sometimes very difficult to get to the back of them. However if you're going to have the boot done anyway it's worth us asking our dent man to see if he can have a look and confirm what I think. The good news is that the body shop would be able to respray this area without having to respray the roof.
I would suggest that you have a read of the MIDI page and then go through the links and talk to Kraftwork. If you quote your question number they should be able to give you an idea of what it will cost to do your wing and your bumper and of course your roof as well. That's if that bit is needed. Once you have your prices you may want to give us a call and book it in.

Good luck

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