Dent Removal Question from Jessica Greenfield

Submitted on 21/06/2011

I rang this morning and spoke to Gary about my new Suzuki. I have several dents and scratches due to my poor parking skills and living in London. The big scratch on the side i think is kids scribbling on it. I would like to get the main dents repaired if i can afford it, but would like to know how much it would cost me first. I live in Camden Town so quite far from you, but don't mind driving over there. I have attached some photos so you get an idea of what they all look like. Thanks, Jessica Greenfield. Model: Suzuki Swift


The front  wing is going to be tricy, but we think we can get a good improvement on it. If we can, then it would cost somewhere between a eighty and hundred and twenty pounds plus vat. If not it will need a Midi Repair. Kraftwork are about ten or fifteen minutes from here, so you could go and get an idea from them whether they could repair it without replacing the wing, and how much it would cost to do. The same would apply to the dent on the rear quarter panel. That dent would be discounted by twenty pounds if we do the first one. The scratches on the door look as if we could buff them. Have a look at this page where you will find our prices.

If you wanted to call us and book in for the dents, then we can have a look at the other stuff while your here. Don't worry about over spending, we will sdvise of what the costs are before we do anything. You can make up your mind on what you do. 

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