Dent Removal Question from Bonny Newman

Submitted on 18/08/2008

The dent is round. probably about the size of, or even made by a football. No paint missing. Can it be "popped out?" Model: Honda Jazz 2007

I'm afraid not.
Dent repair technicians don't do dents on plastic as a general rule, so I asked our bumper scuff repair man. He says that it's rare that they can be heated and popped out, and a dent this size and position will have streatched the plastic, so even if you did pop it out, there would almost certainly be ripples all around it.

You will definitely need to take this to a bodyshop so that they can take the bumper off and do it. If they can pop it out, they will still most likely need to fill and paint to get a good repair. But more likely, they will say that it needs a new bumper as this will work out cheaper than attempting to reshape the damaged area.

The good news is that I have been informed that Honda make pre-painted replacement bumpers for the Jazz and that they are really rather cheap. On most models of car you would expect to pay £150-£250 for a new bumper, and then need to pay to have it painted. But a painted Honda Jazz bumper should be around £100... you just need to get somebody to fit it. The bumper does have parking censors and stuff, so I probably wouldn't recommend you do this yourself unless you are really 'handy' but it is possible. Your best bet is probably to take it to your local Honda dealership and get a quote from them as a starting point.

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