Hoods Question from Jeff Markham

Submitted on 02/12/2011

I have had the car from new and kept it clean but never retreated the roof. It was supaguarded from new and is parked outside. Although the roof does not leak, in really bad weather it gets damp inside, and last winter it had ice on the inside. There is no visible damage to the hood, but it does look a little dull, and has few very small green mould signs. I live in Ruislip. 10 minutes from the M25/M40 junction. Could you give me a price to clean and reproof the roof. I can bring the car to you if necessary Thanks Model: MX5 mk3 2006


Heres a link to our prices. Theres also a special offer on at the moment. I would allow for a machine clean (£132 inc vat) as they are usually dirtier than you think. I'm not entirely convinced that re proofing you roof will solve you damp problem. I would suggest you have a feel of the foot wells to make sure you don't have a leak. Sometimes the drainage channels can get blocked causing water to get in. Cleaning and reproofing is a good idea anyway as mold will rot permanent damage to your hood.

If you wanted to get it done today and go into Chelmsford town while we do it, we do have a space today at the moment. We had a customer turn up two days early this week, so we could fit in if you want to call us.

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