Paintwork Correction Question from Luiz Cattonbi

Submitted on 26/03/2012

Hi, 2nd part of the email (this is 3 out of 4). Images attached on the very first email. Regarding the paintwork in the rest of the body, I would like to have to whole car polished as there are a few surface scratches that someone not very careful did when washing the car apparently so when under the sun you can see those. I really want that mirror finish. The left side of the car (passenger) is not as shiny and mirrored as the rest of the car. The previous owner told me that the car had a repair done on the passenger’s side a while ago (bumper, headlight, wing and door were replaced). So now the paint is a bit blurred and dull. To complete the job, there are 3 dents in the car and 2 scratches. 2 dents are on the bonnet. Very hard to see to be honest. I’ve attached 2 pictures so when you change from one to the other one you can see that the image of the fence gets distorted. Looks like someone closed the bonnet and there was something underneath. Very very tiny. The third dent is a scratch+dent. Is on the engine lid just above the Carrera badge. Looks like a stone hit so it also scratched the car. There is also a scratch (smaller than 5p coin) on the engine lid, close to the rear window. The other scratch is on the panel above the rear wheel on the passenger’s side (smaller than 5p coin). Thanks for your very good assistance and hope to hear from you soon. Model: Porsche 911 (996)


If we are going to polish up the car? then the paint work will need to be right, because if its not, all the little dents, bits of rust and scratches will show up, plus any bad paintwork will show up. So I think you may need to go all or nothing on the outside, then maybe the same with the inside.

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